Rapid Revenue Learning

“IdeaWorksCompany helped us sharpen our game, and offer choice to our guests.

“Alaska Airlines leads the way in offering technology that takes the hassle out of air travel and delighting our guests. One way we do that is by offering choice. Our ancillary revenue management was good, but the acquisition of Virgin America required us to be better. Jay Sorensen worked with our cross-functional team from marketing, product, finance, customer service, pricing, and planning to understand benchmark methods used by the best airlines around the globe. With Jay’s help, we’ve sharpened our game.”

Director of Distribution & Ancillary Strategy, Alaska Airlines

Airlines everywhere choose IdeaWorksCompany for a revenue boost.

IdeaWorksComany is a leading consulting resource for ancillary revenue and loyalty marketing. Our client list spans the globe – Europe, Middle East, Americas, South Pacific, and Asia – and every type of carrier.

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