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December 2, 2016

December 2, 2016

Airlines to charge for food, seats and other facilities to up ancillary income
The Star, Malaysia
EMIRATES, the world’s largest airline by international passenger traffic in 2015 which saw a 75% drop in profit for the six months to September this year, is now charging a seat assignment fee for its lowest price fares.  Come Jan 11, British Airways will start charging for snacks and drinks for its European flights on economy class, complimentary now, on short-haul flights defined as five hours or less.  This is part of the plan to grow ancillary income, which is non-ticket sources such as baggage fees, on-board food and services, seating, selling frequent flier miles to parties and even early boarding.  A recent report by ancillary revenue consultancy, IdeaWorks, and online car rental booking company, CarTrawler, predicts that ancillary incomes will reach US$67.4bil this year. This is a 200% increase from US$22.6bil in 2010. It based its projections on the ancillary revenue activity of 178 global airlines.

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