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“IdeaWorksCompany provided a workshop for Hainan employees on the topics of ancillary revenue and frequent flyer programs. We learned the very latest information on airline industry trends and developments. Jay Sorenson, the workshop leader, readily shared his insight and research. To be certain, his approach not only offers information and innovative ideas, but also wisdom and inspiration. We chose IdeaWorksCompany to present smart ideas and innovative insights to our managing team.”

General Manager, Marketing and Sales, Hainan Airlines

IdeaWorksCompany is a leading consulting resource for ancillary revenue and loyalty marketing. Our client list spans the globe – Europe, Middle East, Americas, South Pacific, and Asia – and every type of carrier. Hainan Airlines benefited from our expertise in the areas of frequent flyer programs, ancillary revenue, and à la carte services.

Hainan Airlines is China’s fourth largest airline, headquartered in Haikou. It operates scheduled domestic and international services on 500 routes between China and Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.

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