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March 4, 2014 – Press Release

Points, Pillows and Porsches: Hotel and Car Rewards at the Top 30 Airlines
Whether intentional or not, every frequent flier program creates a brand image in the minds of its members.  Some airlines take an approach that provides the bare troika of essentials:  reward tickets, partner airline tickets, and upgrade rewards.  Fortunately for consumers, more of the world’s top airlines choose a more robust retail approach by adding a global selection of hotel and car rental rewards.  Of the top 30 airlines assessed by IdeaWorksCompany, the majority provide more reward options with the likely objective being to make their programs more attractive to customers.


February 4, 2014 – Press Release

VIP for a Fee: Eleven Airlines Now Sell Airport Services Designed for High Value Customers
At the highest level of service and status, airlines will meet and greet passengers at the curb, provide private screening, and whisk them to planeside in a sedan car on the ramp.  This level of service eludes most elite-status travelers but is now within the grasp of anyone with the swipe of a credit card.  The latest report from IdeaWorksCompany reviews how airlines all over the world now sell extra pampering to passengers for a profit.  VIP treatment, such as early boarding, bonus miles, fast track screening, and first class upgrades, has proven to produce the revenue payback eagerly desired by airline management.

October 29, 2013 – Press Release

Airline ancillary revenue projected to reach $42.6 billion worldwide in 2013
IdeaWorksCompany, the foremost consultancy on airline ancillary revenues, and CarTrawler, the leading provider of online car rental distribution systems, project airline ancillary revenue will reach $42.6 billion worldwide in 2013. The CarTrawler Worldwide Estimate of Ancillary Revenue represents a massive increase of 89% from the 2010 estimate of $22.6 billion.  The CarTrawler Worldwide Estimate of Ancillary Revenue marks the fourth year IdeaWorksCompany has prepared a projection of global ancillary revenue activity, and is the first year that CarTrawler’s sponsorship of this forecast includes a series of ancillary revenue reports.

October 18, 2013 – Press Release

IdeaWorksCompany Creates New Master Classes Designed to Boost Revenue and Profits
Roster of presentations grows to 16 with addition of 7 sessions including a la carte products, fare families and reward management.  Master Class Workshops kick-start the ancillary revenue revolution within any airline by educating and engaging all stakeholders, such as finance, sales, operations, marketing, and revenue management personnel, in a forum led by one of the industry’s leading experts.

October 8, 2013 – Press Release

Economy Class Meals Get an a la Carte Upgrade
Air France, Austrian, Condor, Hawaiian, KLM, and US Airways hope customers will forego free and pay for better food.  This IdeaWorksCompany report describes how these airlines strive to create better comfort in the air for those willing to pay a little extra.

September 9, 2013 – Press Release

Airline Ancillary Revenue Reaches $27.1 Billion — More Than Doubling the 2009 Number
The most recent ancillary revenue analysis by IdeaWorksCompany, which was sponsored by CarTrawler, provides the most detailed global assessment of a bottom-line-booster that can represent more than 38 percent of a carrier’s revenue.  The research examines 53 airlines that disclosed revenue during 2012 from activities such as frequent flier miles sold to partners, fees for checked bags, and commissions from car rentals.

July 30, 2013 – Press Release

Premium Class Rewards Provide Best Value for Frequent Flier Members
One of the recurring debates about the booming loyalty marketing industry is whether rewards provide notable value . . . and which rewards are the most valuable.  To answer this, IdeaWorksCompany conducted booking research using United’s MileagePlus program (largest in the world) to determine which rewards provide members the greatest dollar value.  The answer was clear:  Booking first class travel to Hawaii, Europe or Asia provides best value for redeeming frequent flier miles.

July 8, 2013 – Press Release

Bag Fees Sprout this Spring in Asia, Europe, and America
The latest report from IdeaWorksCompany describes how the pace is quickening in 2013 for a la carte fees and optional extras to become an everyday component of airline pricing.  The Government of India has approved a la carte pricing; Air France, British Airways, and KLM introduced bag charges for intra-Europe flights; and a third US airline has added the controversial fee for carry-on bags.

June 5, 2013 – Press Release

Reported Airline Ancillary Revenue Surged to $27.1 Billion in 2012—Up 19.6% in One Year
IdeaWorksCompany, the foremost consultancy in the area of airline ancillary revenues, and CarTrawler, the leading provider of online car rental distribution systems, today announce the results of the CarTrawler Review of Ancillary Revenue Results for 2012.

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