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Transport: the cabin suitcase, the new goose that lays the golden eggs for airlines

December 27, 2022


Published in French, translated to English via Google Translate

Cabin suitcases, still free a few years ago, are now more and more often paid for. Last year, they brought in nearly 20 billion euros for airlines.  All types combined, luggage brought in nearly 20 billion euros to airlines in 2021. A team from France Television travels to Barcelona (Spain) with a low-cost company.  For a small suitcase, you have to pay 48 euros: the luggage, and the penalty for not having reserved in advance.  The flight therefore goes from 60 to 108 euros, an increase of 80%. Why did these suitcases, still free two years ago, become chargeable?  No company concerned wished to speak.


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