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Airlines Now Competing With Other Leisure Activities, Consultant Says

December 19, 2021

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic means 2022 will likely be another year of upheaval in the airline business, according to a report issued by IdeaWorks, a Shorewood-based air travel consultancy.  The report was issued in late November by IdeaWorks in conjunction with Dublin, Ireland-based CarTrawler, a global provider of technology solutions for the travel industry. The airline industry must adapt if it expects to resemble what it did prior to COVID, said Jay Sorensen, IdeaWorks president. “During the 20 months of the pandemic, people have developed different spending habits that don’t involve travel,” Sorensen said. “Those spending habits are going to be very sticky. Just because the pandemic eases doesn’t mean that those consumers will leap back into spending money on travel.

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