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Airport Lounges Are the Hottest Ticket – Report

May 21, 2024

This CarTrawler sponsored report describes how lounges are a “must have” amenity for millions of travelers and for millions in airline revenues. The pandemic unleashed consumer craving for amenities to relieve the little miseries that can accompany travel today. Airport lounges have become a hugely popular answer. Today, lounge operators are the beneficiaries of hordes of travelers seeking premium experiences—so much so that overcrowding is a thorny issue, with social media documenting long lines in airport concourses. This is partly because higher fee co-branded credit cards now feature lounge access. Airlines are understandably excited by the revenue stream provided by these upscale sanctuaries, and new lounges are appearing in airports around the world. Airport Lounges Are the Hottest Ticket was issued today as an 18-page report to describe the economics of lounges and consumer fascination with these airport retreats.

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