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Baggage Belts Deliver Cash for Smart Airlines – Report

May 24, 2022

This CarTrawler sponsored analysis reviews the baggage fee methods embraced by 18 carriers leading the pack.  From global network airlines to low cost carriers, baggage is the top a la carte revenue performer.  The latest report from IdeaWorksCompany describes innovations focusing on carry-ons, baggage check-in, and booking path displays.  Fees for carry-on bags are the latest development in the global quest for ancillary revenue.  Smart airline management teams also acknowledge new baggage services must improve the journey for passengers.  Baggage Belts Deliver Cash for Smart Airlines is sponsored by global travel tech provider CarTrawler and encourages airlines to build better baggage businesses.

The Pandemic, Technology, and the Environment Are Changing Airline Business Travel – Report

March 29, 2022

CarTrawler-sponsored analysis describes how the pandemic, technology, and environmental concerns have changed airline business travel. It could be a year in which the airline industry recovers some of the profits lost during the pandemic. That’s the picture for leisure travel, especially in the burgeoning premium leisure sector. The recovery of business travel is complex and largely unwritten. Online meeting technology continues to march ahead, company employees are still working from home, corporations are setting carbon reductions tied to business travel, and the airline industry still struggles to find firmer footing. Innovation and resilience saved airlines during the pandemic, and these same traits will allow airlines to adapt to the changes wrought by new communication technologies and carbon emission concerns. The Pandemic, Technology, and the Environment Are Changing Airline Business Travel is sponsored by global travel tech provider CarTrawler and focuses on the new category of premium leisure travel as a market offering tremendous potential to fill the business travel gaps that may persist.

Advice to Airline Managers – Don’t be Paralyzed by the 2022 Consumer Challenge – Report

March 1, 2022

Advice to Airline Managers – Don’t be Paralyzed by the 2022 Consumer Challenge is sponsored by global travel tech provider CarTrawler and was released today. The report includes a chart listing the Covid era change and cancellation policies for 25 leading global network and low cost carriers. The 14-page report by IdeaWorksCompany is a call to action to help savvy airlines navigate a path to better serve consumers and improve financial sustainability during this period:

1. Protect consumers from today’s travel uncertainty. For instance, Air Canada has no expiration date for Covid change and cancellation protections.
2. Improve clarity of fare restrictions. Low cost carriers typically do a better job than traditional airlines of presenting fare conditions.
3. Allow friends and families to pool frequent flyer points. Singapore Airlines now allows family members to aggregate frequent flyer miles.
4. Promote flexible holiday packages. EasyJet holidays provides a good example of a thorough and well-conceived policy for consumers.
5. Be more generous and kind to your consumers. Icelandair will fly passengers delayed by mandatory self-isolation home at no additional expense.

The Airline Industry Has Changed – Convenience and Predictability Are Missing – Report

November 30, 2021

The pandemic has taught us that competition does exist for the air travel spending by leisure and business travelers. Airline consumers identified alternatives during the pandemic and the best of these solutions will have staying power for the future.  This 15-page report describes how the industry has changed and provides ideas on how revenue can be increased and more traffic can be captured.  Many of the habits formed by travelers during the pandemic will be enduring and are reflected in the perspectives covered in this report:  1. Network airlines will focus on leisure travel.  2. Business will be more a la carte and premium economy will grow.  3. Airlines will be enticed by branded fares and dynamic pricing.  4. More effort will be made to improve buy-on-board food. 5. Carriers need to provide protection from uncertainty. 6. Border closures are here to stay.

Airline Ancillary Revenue Begins Recovery with a 13% Increase to $65.8 Billion for 2021 – Press Release

November 9, 2021

CarTrawler, the leading provider of online car rental distribution systems, and IdeaWorksCompany, the foremost consultant on ancillary revenue, project airline ancillary revenue will increase to $65.8 billion worldwide in 2021, compared to $58.1 billion in 2020. The CarTrawler Worldwide Estimate of Ancillary Revenue represents an increase built upon 2021 passenger traffic gains, with consumer support for a la carte services and co-branded credit cards holding steady. Earlier this year, CarTrawler and IdeaWorksCompany reported the ancillary revenue disclosed by 75 airlines for 2020. These statistics were applied to a larger list of 109 airlines to provide a truly global projection of ancillary revenue activity by the world’s airlines for 2021. This marks the 12th year IdeaWorksCompany has prepared a projection of ancillary revenue activity.

Click here to download the graphics from page one and two of the press release (free to use).

2021 CarTrawler Yearbook of Ancillary Revenue by IdeaWorksCompany – Report

September 14, 2021

Fifty airlines post higher year-over-year results for “ancillary revenue as a percent of total revenue” in the 2021 edition of the CarTrawler Yearbook of Ancillary Revenue.  The 136-page yearbook describes the 2020 ancillary revenue activities and results for 75 airlines.  This year’s 75 airlines represent a very robust 68.9% of IATA’s worldwide airline industry passenger traffic for 2020. The list is a collection of the world’s best performing ancillary revenue airlines. Over all, ancillary revenue as a percentage of total revenue among the 75 airlines was 14.6% for 2020, which is a noteworthy increase above the 12.1% for 2019.  In a year of gloom, the positive performance of ancillary revenue provided desperately needed support. An assessment of these results indicates ancillary revenue was the only financial success for airlines in 2020.

This report may be purchased by clicking this link.


Datalex Big Book of Airline Data by IdeaWorksCompany – Report

August 12, 2021

Datalex, a market leader in digital commerce for retail travel, and IdeaWorksCompany, the foremost consultant on ancillary revenue, have released the second edition of The Datalex Big Book of Airline Data by IdeaWorksCompany. The 2021 edition provides a world of airline industry data collated by alphabetical order, size, airline type, region, and alliance.  The first part of the Big Book contains passenger traffic results for 180 airlines. The second part of the report contains revenue results for 152 airlines. The final section provides membership data disclosed by 42 frequent flyer programs.  The 78-page “Big Book” is available free of charge via download at and

Seat Assignment Fees Firmly on Airline Radars – Report

June 8, 2021

Big global airline brands such as Air Canada, Air France, American, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, and Singapore generate ancillary revenue from advance seat assignment across their entire networks.  Seat Assignment Fees Firmly on Airline Radars is sponsored by global travel tech provider CarTrawler and was released today. The IdeaWorksCompany 16-page analysis describes the methods deployed by airlines to encourage consumer acceptance and recommends four tools to maximize seat assignment revenue.

Consistency and Innovation Will Save the Airline Industry – Report

May 18, 2021

The airline industry has been tasked by the pandemic to restore confidence and consistency to the travel experience.  This report describes the many methods deployed by airlines to boost traffic and revenue during the recovery.  The pandemic, and the long tail of its hoped-for demise, has thrust more work into the arms of airlines.  Not only does an airline represent the first step for booking a trip, it now must act as advisor for the array of restrictions associated with travel.  The rest of the industry, and its recovery from the pandemic, relies upon airlines to restore consumer confidence and reestablish consistency.  American, Delta, easyJet, Emirates, and IATA provide examples of how to save the airline industry.

Survey of 25 Leading Airlines Identifies Global Use of Four Strategies to Support COVID-19 Recovery – Press Release

March 16, 2021

CarTrawler-sponsored research finds that guidance for travel restrictions and Covid-19 testing is now provided by most airlines.  Airlines are recognizing the need to expand Covid-19 care beyond physical safety measures to new areas such as providing more online information and service features. Face masks and disinfected aircraft have become standard consumer expectations. The recovery phase of the pandemic requires an expansion of these efforts.  The following describes the key recovery-supporting features identified at airline websites during March 2021:

• Travel Restriction Info Provided: Airlines are posting information on the requirements travelers must fulfill before boarding an aircraft or entering a country.
• Testing Info Provided: Travelers now face the hurdle of getting tested shortly before departure. Airlines are taking responsibility for identifying local and mail-in testing options, and negotiating discounts.
• Key Covid Protection Included with Trip Insurance: Consumers are curious about buying protection against financial losses due to Covid-19 travel uncertainties. Airlines can advise consumers how the coverage sold at their websites protects (or does not protect) from Covid-19 risks.
• Change Fees Waived for New Bookings: Consumers hope for flexibility during these uncertain times. Most airlines helpfully continue to waive change fees to encourage confidence (and ticket sales).airlin

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