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Airlines Assign Big Revenue Priority to Seat Selection – Report

May 23, 2023

IdeaWorksCompany report determines the scale of activity, how fees are implemented, and how this key ancillary revenue source can be improved for airlines and consumers.  The inclusion of seat fees in President Biden’s recent State of the Union address strongly suggests it is time to review the state of assigned seating fees.  The $4.2 billion estimate covers the assigned seat fee revenue generated by eight key US airlines (Alaska, Allegiant, American, Delta, Frontier, JetBlue, Spirit, and United) for their US domestic networks in 2022.  Airlines Assign Big Revenue Priority to Seat Selection was issued today as a 15-page report. It includes the results of booking queries conducted at six US airlines to sample the range of assigned seating fees from the back of the cabin to the preferred zone in front. Methods used by American and Spirit are featured to show distinctions between global network airlines and low cost carriers.

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