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US & Canada Airlines register larger ancillary revenue share with more than 37% of global total for 2021

February 10, 2022

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Last year CarTrawler and IdeaWorksCompany reported the ancillary revenue disclosed by 75 airlines for 2020. These statistics were applied to a larger list of 109 airlines to provide a global projection of ancillary revenue activity by the world’s airlines for 2021. The image below shows how this revenue is distributed within five regions of the world. “The continued growth of ancillary revenue per passenger through 2021 shows the growing importance of this revenue stream to airlines across all markets. The difficult year of 2020 will, in CarTrawler’s view, prove to be a turning point for the way ancillary revenue is perceived by all of us across the travel industry. It is an area with significant growth potential, fueled by differing consumer behavior as we emerge into a post-pandemic world. Travelers’ behaviors have evolved, and as long as ancillary services are providing the reassurances and services that consumers are seeking there is no reason why the expansion of this revenue stream can’t continue,” commented Aileen McCormack, Chief Commercial Officer at CarTrawler.

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