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Daily Memo: Up To 36% Of Business Travel May Never Return

December 8, 2020

Aviation Week
A new study by a group of travel experts set out to determine what percentage of business travel may be permanently lost in the post-COVID-19 era.  The results weren’t pretty.  Produced by the IdeaWorks consultancy, the study took a novel approach by dividing business travel into seven categories, and then drawing on a variety of data sources to estimate each share’s percentage of the whole in a given year. Next, they turned to the question of how each category would be affected by the embrace of technology as a substitute for travel.  For each subset of corporate travel, the study’s authors assigned a high and low estimate for how much demand could be replaced by technology. Taken together, the study concluded that airlines will lose out on 19% of pre-pandemic business travel under a best-case scenario, and as much as 36% under a pessimistic outlook.

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