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5 Ways Airlines Can Prevent Being Paralyzed by the 2022 Consumer Challenge – Press Release

March 1, 2022
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CarTrawler-sponsored analysis describes how the airline industry must move past being a “deer in the headlights” and accept that the business of travel has changed.  “I remain quite optimistic for the summer of 2022,” is a quote you will likely hear from dozens of airline CEOs this winter. It’s human nature to hope for the best, and one can hardly fault a CEO for declaring brighter skies are ahead. However, the pandemic has been a painful episode of advances and withdrawals. But off camera, these CEOs should be pushing their teams to improve traveler confidence.  Advice to Airline Managers – Don’t be Paralyzed by the 2022 Consumer Challenge is sponsored by global travel tech provider CarTrawler and was released today. The report includes a chart listing the Covid era change and cancellation policies for 25 leading global network and low cost carriers.

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