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Shaping Airline Retail: The Unstoppable Rise of Ancillaries

June 13, 2023

OAG Aviation

Ancillary revenues are not just a supplemental income source for airlines but have evolved into a critical driver of financial robustness.  Comprehensive research conducted by IdeaWorks and CarTrawler illustrates this shift.  Over the span of less than a decade, global ancillary revenues dramatically rose from $42.6 billion USD in 2013 to over $102 billion USD in 2022. Even more impressive, 2022’s figures almost matched 2019’s record of $109.5 billion USD, despite the disruptions caused by the global pandemic.  This dependency on a strong ancillary segment becomes clear when we delve into the proportion of total airline revenue that is derived from ancillaries. In 2022, a historic high was reached, with ancillary revenues accounting for a staggering 15% of total airline revenue.

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