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The Airline Industry Has Changed – Convenience and Predictability Are Missing – Report

November 30, 2021

The pandemic has taught us that competition does exist for the air travel spending by leisure and business travelers. Airline consumers identified alternatives during the pandemic and the best of these solutions will have staying power for the future.  This 15-page report describes how the industry has changed and provides ideas on how revenue can be increased and more traffic can be captured.  Many of the habits formed by travelers during the pandemic will be enduring and are reflected in the perspectives covered in this report:  1. Network airlines will focus on leisure travel.  2. Business will be more a la carte and premium economy will grow.  3. Airlines will be enticed by branded fares and dynamic pricing.  4. More effort will be made to improve buy-on-board food. 5. Carriers need to provide protection from uncertainty. 6. Border closures are here to stay.

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